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With Lotus Computech IT Outsourcing you can benefit from Lotus Computech in the management of applications and other IT components in either a hosted or onsite arrangement.

It's the management of your applications and information technology (IT) systems. You strategically partner with Lotus Computech to manage and operate your applications and IT systems, under a mutually beneficial agreement. The IT outsourcing agreement may include the transfer of IT employees and IT assets to Lotus Computech. Lotus Computech provides service level assurances to ensure quality of service is attained and measured.Lotus Computech hosting delivers the reliability, availability and expertise you need today, plus the flexibility to change as you grow - all without a major investment. We have solutions for e-business of all sizes and the skills to keep you up and running.

  • Reduces IT costs and improves shareholder value
  • Provides the flexibility to transition and transform to the next generation of infrastructure and applications
  • Lets companies focus on their core competencies
  • Improves service levels
  • Gains access to industry, business and technology experts
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